Monday, April 2, 2007

I guess it is

I discovered 2 things about myself today.....1st....I can't operate our AC and 2nd.....I am scared to death of snakes....(ok well I already knew that, but after an extensive counseling session with Rachael I have realized I am STILL scared of snakes!)

I woke up today to a pretty cool house. That's not saying much considering it was at 8am. As the day went on I realized that the upstairs AC was running and the light was on but it was hotter that Haiti up there! After consulting with Rachael, I went to Wal Mart at 5pm in Hope Mills....(I know you are jealous that you couldn't experience that today!) to get air filters. I thought that would surely fix my problem since I hadn't changed them since hmmmm October. I get home and my uncle comes to look at the AC and he finds the problem.....I'm an idiot.....apparently it's not enough to have the "cool" on you have to also have the fan on.....well at least he saved me a service call! (I can't even imagine what the Mark Air guy would have thought!)

Now to the snakes......I'm really worried they are going to come out with a vengeance this year since we cut down about 1/3 of an acre of "their" habitat, which happens to also be my backyard. While the boys were napping today I decided to work in (or look at) the backyard. Just as I was feeling a bit better about not seeing any snakes a huge lizard jumps out at me. So while I was at Wal Mart, I purchased some snake killer or something....see I don't really know what it is because I was scared to read the package because there were snakes staring at me all over the bottle.....the only part I did read said that "Spring is when snakes are most active" Oh's spring and I just knew that if I didn't get this stuff that was guaranteed by some university I have never heard of there would be dozens of snakes waiting at my back door tonight. So after explaining to Rachael about the snake killer she kindly says "I hope you didn't get snake food!" Great...thanks when I wake up Im going to be tip toeing to the window to make sure there are no snakes in the back yard.....oh by the way...I was so scared of the snake killer that I had to have my uncle put it down for me......Thanks Tony!

So to the boys......While we were getting ready to go to Wal Mart, Chase comes out with a tee shirt, jacket and upside down sunglasses on, carrying his shoes. He looks at me through the nose of the sun glasses and says "Go bye bye!" Well no Chase....You don't have any pants or underwear on.......wish I would have had the camera! As for Rhys.....He slept 7 hours last night!!!! I couldn't believe it....hope it wasn't a fluke!!!!!

Oh also today was Kendra's last day of work!!!! God am I glad....I don't know where I am going to fit all these ladies at my daycare though! (Besides Rachael I have a new friend Amanda that attends Kristen's SAHM daycare~!)

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Anonymous said...


2) I'm still laughing at all of those stories - even though I was on the phone with you for most of them.

3) Rhys (you said Chase, btw) probably slept well last night finally had air on the poor kid!

4) Welcome, Kendra to Kristen's SAHM Daycare!

5) You're right - you are way underpaid! You should get double for the day-care center teacher, since you've now opened your own!!!

6) See - I told you it was You're so smart!!