Friday, March 7, 2008

Welcome to my BLOG PARTY!!!!!  
This really isn't going to be like a party for all you bloggy pros out there, more like cocktail hour. Low key and short!  I am pretty new to the bloggy world.  My great friend Rachael  got me started on this about a year ago.  I can never really find the time to blog my great life stories....and I'm not sure kids go to pre school and I have a cleaning lady!  

So welcome to my neck of the woods....Hope
 Mills, NC....let me tell you about my self!

This is my family.  Rhys, Kristen, Ron and Chase.
This is one of 3 family pictures we have. Ron has been deployed 
for nearly 14 months now!

Here are 5 things to help you get to know me better~
1) I am addicted to Nip/Tuck.
2) I am from the beach.
3) I love having 2 boys.  (I wouldn't know what to do with a girl!)
4) I am VERY scared of snakes! (see much older blog)
5) I am currently selling my house. This in itself makes me a crazy lady!

Oh and we'll just throw this out there too....I have the best hair dresser ever!

 I hope you have a blast party hopping!  Here are a few blogs I feel are worthy of checking out!!!
Rachael, Kendra, and Amanda!  Enjoy!

Oh and the cool door prizes...I almost forgot!

I think that the mom spit rocks!
And maybe when my hubby gets home he would want to see me in this~
BUT everyone who knows me knows how much I love TARGET!

And if by some chance some other lucky lady wins those.....
These are great too! 112,108, 97, 98,28 and 7!!!!!!


PS....leave a comment so I can come by and party at your place!

PSS....If weren't invited to my party don't feel bad.  I forgot to mail the invitations. Go here to find out about the Ultimate Blog Party!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Family Photo Shoot. Inspired by the Huse Family. Thanks Rachael, JD and Lorelai~

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

R and R

Ron has been home for 17 days now. If you do the math you know that means in a matter of days we will be sending him back to A CO for the second half of his deployment. R and R has been great. We have had to do a lot of adjusting, which by the way no one warns you about, but we have had a lot of fun and made some wonderful memories.

The boys are so happy to have daddy/da da home. Chase is finally at the stage where he can appreciate Daddy being here. Rhys just loves having a man around. I am enjoying the fact that the boys don't know I exist for now!

We were so blessed to have all of our family in town for Labor Day. We had a great time. Thank you so much to my Mom, Dad, Caleb, Karlie, Jackie, Rick, Cat, Adam, Robin, Floyde, Max and Garcion for all driving hours to be with us.

Last week we spend a few days with Nany, Karen and Ricky at Myrtle Beach. We actually also got to spend some so of our friends who were on R and R also. Thanks to Rissa, Jake, Kylie and Maddie for spending the day at the beach with us. Jake....FYI.....there is still sand stuck to me.

We have spent the rest of R and R just being a family. Chase and Rhys both had their 1st day of school last week. Yup that's right....Rhysie is in preschool 2 days a week. Not sure what I will do with my time yet, but so far Ron and I have used our free time to play golf and hit the pool. Which by the way....anyone who is free for golf on Tuesdays or Thursdays between 9 and 1 let me know. I suck....but it's still fun! We will be spending the last few days just being together. I think I'm still in shock about him going back. I worry more for the boys. Any men willing to offer there time as Manny's here at the Sturgeon house, please email me for qualifications.

We love you all~

Monday, August 6, 2007

Free Java

Enjoy a free sample of Coffee!!!! MMMMM....does anyone know where I can still get the coconut creme creamer????

Folgers Gourmet Selections. Get A Free Sample

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Bug Spray....Hair Spray

Last night was the Kenny concert. I honestly can't remember when I have had such a good time. (Well, I am sure I could remember if I tried....but let's face it....I don't want to try.) Thanks to Leona we had VIP tickets. Basically we just had little blue bracelets and got to drink in a really nice tent. We still ended up at the VERY top of the lawn. I did get to go down to our row F seats for a moment to get a peak at Kenny. I think that brief moment may have made me a concert snob. I really liked watching the concert and actually seeing everything in person and not on a screen! Here are a few of my favorite pictures.
As of now I am sitting in bed with OFF in my hair......yes...that's right bug spray. I somehow got tree sap in my hair this afternoon and OFF was the only thing I could find that would get it out that doesn't come out of the kitchen. I think it is working, but there is still a bit left....I must need to re apply!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Bert and Ernie

Bert and Ernie
Current mood: cheerful

I'm watching Street as Chase calls it and I see a very familiar situation taking place. Bert is telling Ernie to pick up his toys. Ernie says "I know how you don't like messes Bert." and Bert replies with "You can say that again." So Ernie says "I know how you don't like messes Bert." Then Ernie picks all his toys up and puts them in the toy box. He then says "Now when I want to play with my rubber duckie I can just look in the toy box." He then throws all the toys out as he digs for his duckie.....

I am Bert and Chase is Ernie.

Monday, April 2, 2007

I guess it is

I discovered 2 things about myself today.....1st....I can't operate our AC and 2nd.....I am scared to death of snakes....(ok well I already knew that, but after an extensive counseling session with Rachael I have realized I am STILL scared of snakes!)

I woke up today to a pretty cool house. That's not saying much considering it was at 8am. As the day went on I realized that the upstairs AC was running and the light was on but it was hotter that Haiti up there! After consulting with Rachael, I went to Wal Mart at 5pm in Hope Mills....(I know you are jealous that you couldn't experience that today!) to get air filters. I thought that would surely fix my problem since I hadn't changed them since hmmmm October. I get home and my uncle comes to look at the AC and he finds the problem.....I'm an idiot.....apparently it's not enough to have the "cool" on you have to also have the fan on.....well at least he saved me a service call! (I can't even imagine what the Mark Air guy would have thought!)

Now to the snakes......I'm really worried they are going to come out with a vengeance this year since we cut down about 1/3 of an acre of "their" habitat, which happens to also be my backyard. While the boys were napping today I decided to work in (or look at) the backyard. Just as I was feeling a bit better about not seeing any snakes a huge lizard jumps out at me. So while I was at Wal Mart, I purchased some snake killer or something....see I don't really know what it is because I was scared to read the package because there were snakes staring at me all over the bottle.....the only part I did read said that "Spring is when snakes are most active" Oh's spring and I just knew that if I didn't get this stuff that was guaranteed by some university I have never heard of there would be dozens of snakes waiting at my back door tonight. So after explaining to Rachael about the snake killer she kindly says "I hope you didn't get snake food!" Great...thanks when I wake up Im going to be tip toeing to the window to make sure there are no snakes in the back yard.....oh by the way...I was so scared of the snake killer that I had to have my uncle put it down for me......Thanks Tony!

So to the boys......While we were getting ready to go to Wal Mart, Chase comes out with a tee shirt, jacket and upside down sunglasses on, carrying his shoes. He looks at me through the nose of the sun glasses and says "Go bye bye!" Well no Chase....You don't have any pants or underwear on.......wish I would have had the camera! As for Rhys.....He slept 7 hours last night!!!! I couldn't believe it....hope it wasn't a fluke!!!!!

Oh also today was Kendra's last day of work!!!! God am I glad....I don't know where I am going to fit all these ladies at my daycare though! (Besides Rachael I have a new friend Amanda that attends Kristen's SAHM daycare~!)