Friday, March 7, 2008

Welcome to my BLOG PARTY!!!!!  
This really isn't going to be like a party for all you bloggy pros out there, more like cocktail hour. Low key and short!  I am pretty new to the bloggy world.  My great friend Rachael  got me started on this about a year ago.  I can never really find the time to blog my great life stories....and I'm not sure kids go to pre school and I have a cleaning lady!  

So welcome to my neck of the woods....Hope
 Mills, NC....let me tell you about my self!

This is my family.  Rhys, Kristen, Ron and Chase.
This is one of 3 family pictures we have. Ron has been deployed 
for nearly 14 months now!

Here are 5 things to help you get to know me better~
1) I am addicted to Nip/Tuck.
2) I am from the beach.
3) I love having 2 boys.  (I wouldn't know what to do with a girl!)
4) I am VERY scared of snakes! (see much older blog)
5) I am currently selling my house. This in itself makes me a crazy lady!

Oh and we'll just throw this out there too....I have the best hair dresser ever!

 I hope you have a blast party hopping!  Here are a few blogs I feel are worthy of checking out!!!
Rachael, Kendra, and Amanda!  Enjoy!

Oh and the cool door prizes...I almost forgot!

I think that the mom spit rocks!
And maybe when my hubby gets home he would want to see me in this~
BUT everyone who knows me knows how much I love TARGET!

And if by some chance some other lucky lady wins those.....
These are great too! 112,108, 97, 98,28 and 7!!!!!!


PS....leave a comment so I can come by and party at your place!

PSS....If weren't invited to my party don't feel bad.  I forgot to mail the invitations. Go here to find out about the Ultimate Blog Party!